Men with concerns related to homosexuality may experience a variety of issues for which therapy may be helpful or necessary. Family members of these men may also face some serious challenges. Center for Gender Wholeness therapists are all highly trained to respond to a full spectrum of client concerns, including:

    • Distress over sexuality
    • Problems regarding gender
    • Psychological and emotional issues
    • Trauma and abuse
    • Relationship difficulties (parent/child, couples)

We offer face-to-face therapy at our offices in Holladay and Provo, Utah.

Personal Coaching

Our experience suggests that most men who experience unwanted homosexuality need therapy from a highly trained licensed therapist during a certain part of their journey. Without this kind of specialized help, many men tend to become stagnant in their progress.

However, men can also benefit from personal coaching by a trained gender wholeness coach.

Coaching costs less than therapy for a few reasons. First, the process isn’t as in depth as individual counseling so the sessions are often shorter. Plus, coaches can be highly effective mentors and teachers without requiring the extensive level of training therapists have. Coaching isn’t a replacement for individual therapy, but it can be very useful for many men at certain times in their journey.

Here are some suggestions to help you know if coaching is right for you. Coaching is appropriate when:


  • You don’t feel quite ready to start therapy but you want to learn about gender disruption and gender wholeness



  • You already have a good therapist but you want to explore and internalize specific gender wholeness concepts more deeply



  • Your major therapeutic work has been completed and you want to continue your development



  • You are in recovery from addiction and need the help of a reliable mentor for guidance and accountability


Call (801) 272-3200 for more information or to begin coaching or email us at

Our History

The Center for Gender Wholeness (CGW) traces its roots back to 1996 when CGW founder, David Matheson, CMHC (Clinical Mental Health Counselor) began working with Dr. Joseph Nicolosi at the Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic in Encino, California. At that time, Nicolosi was the foremost authority on helping those with unwanted same-sex attraction.

In 2002, Matheson opened the Center for Gender Affirming Processes in Jersey City, New Jersey. Dedicated exclusively to helping men with unwanted same-sex attraction (same-sex attraction), the clinic served individuals from many cultures and religions. Particularly prominent in the demographic of the clinic were Orthodox Jews.

In 2007, Matheson relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah and opened the Center for Gender Wholeness (CGW). In mid-2012, seeing an ever-increasing need for highly trained therapists who could address issues related to unwanted same-sex attraction, Matheson began expanding his clinic by training three additional therapists. In January 2013, CGW opened a second office in Provo, Utah.

Due to the extreme worldwide shortage of qualified therapists specialized in working with unwanted same-sex attraction, Matheson has always worked with clients via telephone and now over webcam. CGW continues this practice of worldwide outreach.

Respect for Faith and Non-faith

Awareness of, and respect for, the faith background and spiritual needs of our clients is a guiding principle of CGW. Through his life experience, CGW founder David Matheson has developed a profound sensitivity toward faith and spirituality. David was raised in the LDS Church, and remains an active member. During his years at Thomas Aquinas Psychological Clinic in California, he became very conversant working with individuals from diverse faith backgrounds representing the entire spectrum of Christianity as well as some non-Christian faiths. During his years in New Jersey, he worked extensively with Orthodox Jews, becoming highly familiar with their law, beliefs, and culture.

CGW therapists are fully conversant with LDS Church doctrines and standards, and support clients in their personal choice to live those standards.

CGW therapists are fully conversant with LDS Church doctrines and standards, and support clients in their personal choice to live those standards. Though our job is psychological, we believe that good psychology will always harmonize with core gospel principles.

At the same time, we are extremely careful not to push a particular value system or religious outcome, and to respect the individual’s choice. Occasionally a client may choose to leave their faith. In these cases our professional duty is to help the client carefully weigh the meaning and potential ramifications of their choice, and to support them through this process.