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You didn't choose it. But you can choose what you do with it.

It is possible to stop unwanted behavior, shift sexual desires, and resolve other issues related to unwanted same-sex attraction.

Ours is a compassionate approach for men who won't accept a homosexual life due to conflicting values or life goals.

Whether you are simply curious about change, desperate for help, or almost out of hope, we invite you to explore what we have to offer.

It's your life.

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Gain insights about the backgrounds of people with same-sex attraction (SSA), common challenges faced by SSA people, the five types of SSA, how many people are homosexual, and more. [ MORE ]


For families and friends

Learn how you can create supportive relationships and environments that facilitate progress and how to recognize when someone needs therapy. [ MORE ]

Explore the concept of change from a more holistic perspective than simply gay-to-straight. And see how CGW's approach to therapy facilitates the change process. Learn about CGW staff. [ MORE ]

Delve into the meanings of gender wholeness-affirming your own masculinity or femininity, bonding with others of your own sex, and appreciating the complementarity of the opposite sex. [ MORE ]

Read or watch the stories of others who have experienced unwanted same-sex attraction and chosen paths of growth and change.
You're not alone. [ MORE ]

Wholeness is part of your inheritance as a man. You are meant to reach your masculine potential and to enjoy community with other men. You are designed to live from your authentic core...[ MORE ]