What Causes Female Homosexuality?

Summary: At present, the Center for Gender Wholeness does not have expertise in working with female homosexuality. Other resources are listed below.


The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction, by Janelle Hallman

This book is primarily intended for mental health professionals and educators. However, the book is reader-friendly and can also serve as an indispensable guide for clergy, lay counselors, mentors, friends and especially family members of women with same-sex attraction.


Janelle Hallman & Associates is located in Westminster, Colorado. They provide individual therapy, therapy intensives, and retreats.
Phone: 303.429.2100
Email: info@janellehallman.com

Perriann Parks Beyers is with Counseling Centers of Utah in Sandy, Utah.
Phone: (801) 558-7054
Email: ppb2000@msn.com


Desert Hope Ministries

Desert Hope Ministries is a non-profit 501(c) corporation, whose purpose is to extend God’s love, truth and healing to men and women struggling with relationship, sexual, and identity issues. They also equip pastors, counselors, and lay people to effectively walk alongside individuals and families lost in the shame and confusion of personal brokenness. Desert Hope’s goal is to bring a fresh and relevant message of hope and renewal to the evangelical church on God’s design for relationships, intimacy, sexuality, and gender.

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