What Does Same-sex Attraction Entail?

When someone tells you they are dealing with same-sex attraction their situation may be relatively simple or incredibly complex. Gain an understanding of what they may be experiencing. [ MORE ]

What Causes Male Homosexuality?

The psychological and scientific communities provide much speculation but few reliable answers about the causes of same-sex attraction. Our many years of experience provide some helpful insights. [ MORE ]

What Causes Female Homosexuality?

The causes of same-sex attraction among women are different from those among men. Find resources here to help you better understand their issues. [ MORE ]

Are There Different Types of Same-sex Attraction?

Our experience suggests at least five different types of same-sex attraction which are distinct based on the nature of the desires and the object of the attraction. [ MORE ]

What Is Gay Advocacy?

There exists today a widespread push for acceptance of homosexuality on a personal and cultural level. Inherent is the belief that homosexuality is an unalterable part of a person’s identity, and therefore deserves not just tolerance, but celebration. [ MORE ]

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This page contains articles of interest to those with unwanted same-sex attraction from various sources. [ MORE ]