The following is a list of places where you can find testimonies from individuals about their growth and change process.

    Men who have resolved unwanted same-sex attractions supporting others seeking similar change. People Can Change is a non-profit educational, support and outreach organization that is best known for its life-changing “Journey Into Manhood” weekend experience. Their mission is to support and guide men who seek to transition away from unwanted homosexuality, by courageously and compassionately sharing our own first-hand experience with change. We also provide information and support to friends and family, especially wives. They envision a world in which all people with unwanted same-sex attractions who wish to reduce or eliminate their homosexual feelings have access to meaningful and effective resources and successful role models, and are free to pursue a path of change, if they so choose, without shame or ridicule. Read their testimonials here.

    We are men and women who have experience authentic change in sexual orientation. The testimonials presented here are the authentic Voices Of Change; men and women who have experienced authentic change in their sexual orientation. Here, they speak for the many Americans and people around the world for whom homosexuality is not naturally inborn. Sadly, the causes of their homosexual feelings were caused by gender identity inferiority, unmet emotional needs, and/or emotional and sexual abuse, usually as very young children. The good news is that these men and women benefited by the transformative power of sound therapeutic interventions by professional therapists. For many, spirituality played a role in their transformation as well. We urge you to listen to their stories. These are voluntary testimonials of real people, and they represent evidence of varying levels of authentic change. These stories also reflect sound scientific research which indicates change is possible. If you have a story of authentic and sustained change to tell, please contact us. Be a Voice Of Change and be heard! Read their testimonials here.

    Under the umbrella of North Star, a non-profit educational organization, this initiative’s purpose is to provide a vehicle for those individuals who not only have found answers in the gospel of Jesus Christ to address the role of same-sex attraction in their lives but to share their stories of process, strategy, setbacks, joys, struggles and triumphs as a means to help others along their own journey toward a similar outcome and the banner of their true identities as children of our Heavenly Father. Watch their testimonials here.

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