Helping Others

The Hope Window

The idea of change creates hope, but without substantial resources hope eventually dwindles. Hope is only as good as the help that comes with it. [ MORE ]

How Do I Know When Someone Needs Therapy?

Although some people with same-sex attraction may not need individual psychotherapy in order to thrive, many will experience great difficult without therapy. [ MORE ]

How Do I Create a Supportive Relationship?

Helping someone with same-sex attraction is a labor of love that requires attention and great care. Read about specific traits and behaviors we have found are helpful in friends and family members. [ MORE ]

How Can I Best Help?

Although each individual is ultimately responsible for their own growth, you can encourage a mindset and environment that will facilitate their desire and ability to progress. [ MORE ]

How Can I Get To Know Their Needs?

No two people with same-sex attraction are the same. Only by releasing all stereotypes and presuppositions will you become able to truly see the individual. And only by understanding the individual will you become able to really help. [ MORE ]

What If the Person Is Married?

Marriage can be complicated by a partner’s same-sex attraction. Therapy is often beneficial, and even crucial, to the success of the marriage and the emotional and psychological health of both partners. [ MORE ]