Four Principles of Growth

Summary: Four principles seem to be key in bringing about growth in masculinity and diminishment of same-sex attraction. These principles are Masculinity, Authenticity, Need Fulfillment, and Surrender.

We live in a lawful universe. Everything around us on this planet and everything we observe out in the cosmos works according to laws. And these laws are very strict. Think about the law of gravity. It is a very strict law—if you break it you could die. You can overcome gravity through adherence to other laws, such as the laws of aerodynamics. But if the jet’s engines fail, gravity takes over and the plane falls to the earth. Natural laws cannot be cheated.

Many men seeking to overcome same–sex attraction (same-sex attraction) become frustrated and discouraged when they find that their feelings and attractions don’t change as quickly or substantially as they had hoped. We believe these men are getting stuck because they aren’t following the laws, or principles, that allow growth out of same-sex attraction to happen. These men may be very sincere and even committed to the idea of change, but if they don’t follow the right principles, change won’t happen.

To experience growth, we have to follow all of the pertinent laws. To make this clearer, let’s go back to the laws related to aerodynamics. If we want to make an airplane leave the ground, we have to overcome the law of gravity by adherence to several other laws, such as the laws regulating motion, lift, propulsion, and so forth. What do you think happens if you obey some of these laws and ignore others? The law of gravity wins.

The same is true in the process of overcoming unwanted same–sex attraction. We have to follow all of the pertinent principles. If we fail to do so, gravity wins. The laws that seem to govern growth out of same–sex attraction can be grouped into four essential principles.

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