What Change Means

The concept of change must be seen as involving far more than shifts in sexual attraction. Change could be described as an ongoing path toward wholeness requiring a broad internal revolution in all aspects of life and on all levels of the self. [ MORE ]

How Do I Know If I Need Therapy?

Over the years, we’ve found that men experiencing unwanted homosexuality tend to face the issues described here. Some men face just a few of these issues while other men face a lot of them. If you’re experiencing some of these problems, working with a Center for Gender Wholeness therapist could be helpful. [ MORE ]

Therapy for Homosexuality

Center for Gender Wholeness helps individuals and couples resolve distress related to homosexuality and increase mental and emotional wellbeing. We are conscious of treatment phases and use advanced therapeutic modalities. [ MORE ]

About Us

CGW was founded in 2007. Awareness of, and respect for, the faith background and spiritual needs of our clients is a guiding principle. [ MORE ]

Meet our clinical team.

Experiential Work

A number of excellent experiential weekends have been developed for men in the process of resolving issues related to unwanted same-sex attraction. [ MORE ]

Addiction Help

Many of the men we work with are also facing a challenge with some type of addiction. Access information on helpful programs. [ MORE ]