How Many People Are Homosexual?

Summary: A recent Gallup Poll found that 3.4% of adult Americans surveyed identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Among younger Americans (ages 18-29), the percentage is 6.4. Among single adults who have never married the statistic is 7%.

It is reasonable to assume that the percentage of Church members experiencing same-sex attraction would be similar, since the factors that create homosexuality occur within the Church just as they do outside the Church. Although some of these members are likely to be less active, many others may be active participants in our wards and stakes who show no obvious signs of their sexual orientation.

Using the Gallup Poll statistics, the table below suggests potential numbers of members with same-sex attraction in various types of units of various sizes.

In a family ward with…

    • 200 members: 6 members
    • 400 members: 13 members
    • 600 members: 20 members
    • 20 youth: 1 young man or woman
    • 40 youth: 2 young men or women

In a young single adult ward with…

    • 100 members: 6 members
    • 200 members: 12 members
    • 300 members: 19 members
    • 400 members: 25 members

In an older single adult ward with…

    • 100 members: 7 members
    • 200 members: 14 members

In a stake with…

    • 2,000 members: 68 members
    • 3,000 members: 102 members
    • 4,000 members: 136 members
    • 5,000 members: 170 members

In addition to these numbers, consider that each individual with same-sex attraction has family members who may be struggling greatly due to the homosexuality of their child, spouse, sibling, or parent.