Diminished Or Blocked OSA

This blog would be an adding up of the issues already discussed (relational wounds, unhealthy responses, and gender distortion [lack of genderedness and complementarity]). This is basically clarifying the entire F axis and might include the axis diagram.

Diminished or Blocked Opposite–Sex Attraction

As I mentioned at the beginning of this section, not all men with SSA experience the issues with females and femininity that I’ve been describing. But the result for many of us who do experience these issues tends to be a diminishing or complete blocking of natural feelings of opposite–sex attraction. This blocking occurs because all of the issues I’ve described in this section tend to disrupt genderedness and complementarity on which heterosexuality seems to be based.

We talked about genderedness and complementarity in Chapters Three and Six. I explained that genderedness is the natural state of having two sexes that are distinct and different from one another. Complementarity refers to a favorable relationship between the two sexes where each completes, fulfills, balances, and perfects the other. If you consider any one of the issues with females from the sections above, you will notice that it either distorts a man’s sense of genderedness or it diminishes the possibility of having a favorable and complementary relationship with a woman.

Issues with the opposite sex like those we’ve been exploring can be worked through and resolved. But in most cases, this will require counseling or psychotherapy because the mental programming these issues create tend to become very deeply ingrained, difficult to perceive, and challenging to change. Therapy that provides conscious insight into your beliefs and patterns can be useful, particularly if you’re in an opposite–sex relationship that you’re trying to improve. But in order to fully transcend these issues, you will likely need the help of a therapist who is trained to work with the unconscious.

»Diminished or Blocked Opposite-Sex Attraction

SSA and homosexuality are not the only problems many men are facing. Many are also facing problems that diminish or entirely block their attractions to the opposite sex.

[Journal: What about opposite-sex attraction?] [p 3]

    • Complete disinterest in or dislike of women
    • Seeing women as beautiful but not sexually desirable
    • Being occasionally attracted to women
    • Being capable of sex with women, but not preferring it

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