Gender Wholeness Exploration


EXPLORATION is a truly monumental project. The intention is to present helpful ideas, invite you to consider and take action on them, and then to share your experiences back to the site. Thus your life becomes part of a repository of knowledge from which others can benefit from. And you can benefit from what others find. Each lesson includes four steps: learn, do, feel, and share. [LEARN MORE]

It’s brothers helping brothers.

Men who are working to diminish unwanted same-sex attraction seem to need help on three different levels, depending on where they are in the process. All three levels are important in order to make maximum progress. [LEARN MORE]


Masculinity, authenticity, need fulfillment, and surrender (MANS) are considered the four principles of growth beyond unwanted same-sex attraction. From this unit you will gain a broad conceptual framework for how to make change happen in your life.

Gender Concept & Self-Concept

How you see other men, women, and yourself can have a powerful impact on your self-esteem, your relationships with both genders, and your sexual attractions. This unit will help you understand your own male and female gender concepts and your self-concept.

Same-sex Affiliation

Men have normal needs for connection with other males. This unit will help you consider the history and current state of your relationships with other males. You will also learn about normal needs for male connection, six essential elements of male community, and key traits of strong male friendships.

Gender Congruity

We tend to be happier and far less conflicted when we believe we adequately match our personal definition of masculinity. In this unit, you will investigate elements of your own definition of masculinity, consider issues that might lessen your sense of masculinity, and delve into some timeless masculine attributes.

Axis F: Perceptions & Relationships with Females

In its fullest form, gender wholeness includes the capacity to relate well with the opposite sex. This unit will bring clarity to the history and current state of your relationships with females. It will also help you investigate the distinctions between males and females and increase your awareness of the complementarity between the two sexes.

Behavioral Recovery

Some men with unwanted same-sex attraction feel conflicted about their sexual behavior either because it violates their values, threatens significant relationships, or is destructive and out of control. This unit will guide you through substantial helps for understanding and changing your situation.

Trauma & Abuse

Painful experiences in childhood and adolescence are common among those with unwanted same-sex attraction. This unit will help you look at the abuse you may have experienced, consider its effects on you today, and prepare you for deeper healing work.

Thoughts & Feelings

How we think and feel has a major impact on our lives. In this unit, you will delve into some of the most destructive thought process and feelings among men with unwanted same-sex attraction, particularly shame and negative thinking. You will also explore some positive emotions and consider the nature of choice.

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