As I have explored the varied comments, seen the petitions and read the differing views on this new TLC Show, My Husbands Not Gay, I have been interested in the wide variety of opinions on the matter. Often, the comments seem to be coming from one side or the other and yet the conversation seems lacking in content for those who stand in the middle and look to the independent individual who is hurting. What do those who are in this situation want to say? What is it that they want the world to hear?

To me it is the individual that matters the most. The political, societal or religious agenda is only important to me if it is important to the individual who is crying out for help. If you as an individual stand up and make a declaration of “This is who I am!” I applaud you for that. If we are whole we are capable of handling any one thing that may come our way in an attempt to break us.

I myself do not believe that a declaration of gay or straight, transgender or bisexual has the power to carry with it the weight of a period. It is a piece of a greater whole self. Every individual on the earth has the right to declare without shame or remorse or fear of repercussion THIS IS WHO I AM . This is who I want to be. This is my WHOLE SELF.

I hope that rather than being right we can move toward the greater good of getting it right. This is individual, not political. To those who are participating in the program My Husbands Not Gay, I applaud you for knowing who you are and sharing that with the world. To those who’s whole is not represented within the premise of the show, look to who you are. What is your Whole? Be that whole and help every one else to be theirs.

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