Take Becoming A Whole Man a few notches deeper with a Coach.

Even a quick reading of Becoming A Whole man can make an impact. But the guidance of a trained coach can take your understanding of the book’s vital principles several notches deeper. Becoming A Whole Man Coaching makes sense whether or not you are also in therapy.

Coaching is available in individual and group settings. The Becoming A Whole Man Journal provides the curriculum for both.

The Journal will be available
February 1, 2015!

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Fully personalize your experience through one-on-one coaching.

Individual coaching can help you more deeply internalize and integrate the principles found in the book. You can explore at your own pace and to whatever depth suits your needs with the expert guidance of well-trained coaches who themselves have been learning and integrating these concepts for years.

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Personal coaching is not a replacement for individual therapy. Click here if you think you might need therapy.