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A Gospel-centered Perspective

The topic of same-sex attraction (SSA) can create real challenges for LDS leaders, families and friends.

It may be difficult to know how to best help those among us who are personally struggling with SSA, and how to counsel their loved ones.

This website is dedicated to providing accurate information gained from many years of experience working with individuals who are overcoming these issues.

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Spread the word of hope and help by sharing this website with family, friends, and ward and stake leadership.

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Gain insights about the causes of same-sex attraction (SSA), the kinds of other issues those with SSA often experience, how many people are homosexual, what the prophets teach on SSA, and more. [ MORE ]

Learn how you can create supportive relationships and environments that facilitate progress, how to recognize when someone needs therapy, and how to help someone who is married. [ MORE ]

Find ideas for training ward and stake leadership to help those with same-sex attraction (SSA) and how to teach youth and adults about SSA. [ MORE ]

The idea of change creates hope, but without substantial resources hope eventually dwindles. Hope is only as good as the help that comes with it. [ MORE ]

Explore the meanings of change from a gospel perspective, learn what change might mean for those with same-sex attraction (SSA), and see how CGW's approach facilitates the change process. [ MORE ]

Meet our clinical team through bios and videos. Read about our history and our worldwide availability. Also access our contact information. [ MORE ]